Episode 169 | Can You Really Change Your Life?

In this episode, Dr. Cari Wise explores the idea of whether it is possible to change one’s life. She emphasizes the importance of making small decisions every day to achieve lasting change and encourage listeners to believe that change is possible. 

Dr. Wise discusses the brain’s resistance to change and the need to let go of limiting beliefs, self-judgment, and societal expectations. 

She concludes by reiterating that listeners have the power to change their lives in any way they desire and invites them to join the Elevate event for guidance on making these changes.


ELEVATE: Critical information every veterinary professional must have in order to personally thrive, and not simply survive, a career in veterinary medicine.




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Hi there. I’m Dr. Cari Wise, veterinarian, certified life coach and certified quantum human design specialist. If you are a veterinary professional looking to uplevel your life and your career, or maybe looking to go in an entirely new direction, then what I talk about here on the Joyful DVM podcast is absolutely for you. Let’s get started. Hello, my friend.

Welcome back to the joyful DVM podcast. Today I’m gonna explore the idea of whether or not you can really change your life, and the answer is yes, you absolutely can. Now, at the time that you’re listening to this episode, if you’re listening to it on the day that it’s released, we are in the middle of our Elevate Live event. It’s a seven day live event,

all full of encouragement and ins inspiration, and some truths that you must have in order to thrive, not merely survive as a veterinary professional. So if you’d like to join us inside this free seven day elevate experience, jump over to joyful dvm.com/elevate to get signed up. And if you happen to catch this podcast episode after the Elevate experience has already ended, you’ll be directed to sign up for the wait list because I definitely will be doing it again.

Now, back to our question, can you really change your life? The answer is absolutely 100% yes. And so the most common next question is, okay, Cari, then how do I do it? Well, we’ll start out and say, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time? And no, I’m not advocating that we should actually eat elements,

but what I want us to see is that making any kind of lasting change in our life is the result of making tiny different decisions day in and day out. When we look at our lives as a whole and we identify the areas that we are dissatisfied with, that part’s easy. Make a list, what do you want to change? What do you want to be different in your life?

And when you make that list, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed because we can’t see today how it’s all possible, but my friends, knowing how isn’t actually the strategy that I want you to use. We just need to start out and recognize that it is possible, everything is possible. I suspect that the things that you put on your list, the things that you want to be different in your life,

that the difference that you hope to make, that you have this dream of making for yourself, that somebody else is already experiencing it. So maybe the change that you want to make in your life is that you want to work part-time instead of full-time. Maybe the change that you wanna make is that you wanna retire or you wanna leave veterinary medicine altogether. Perhaps the change you wanna make is to get into or to get out of a relationship.

Maybe it’s a change with your physical wellbeing, your physical health. Maybe you wanna make some kind of change in your physical environment where you live, whether or not you own a house, whatever the change is that you wanna make for your life, odds are that you are aware of somebody else that is experiencing the thing that you want to experience. And the reason that I bring this up and why it is so important to notice this is because if they can do it,

so can you. There’s a part of your brain that’s gonna try to talk you out of making any changes, even when those changes are for your own good. And that’s because part of your brain’s only job is to keep you safe. It wants to keep you out of things that are unfamiliar and uncertain because part of your brain thinks that if you step outside of the familiar,

you will meet certain death. Now, the truth is your brain is completely wrong about that, but as long as we let that part of our brain drive the bus, we will never create anything different for ourselves. So creating something different and making a change requires us first to believe that it’s possible and we can get on board. I think with believing it’s possible when we can see it in somebody else’s reality.

Now your brain is gonna try to offer you, it’s possible for them, but it’s not possible for you. And that my friend is never true. We continue to compound that negative belief. However, when we can’t see how it’s possible, how is not the first step? The first step is simply belief because as you start to believe in what it is that you want to create for your life,

you will start to gain awareness around what the first step is to move in that direction. And the only thing that’s required of you at the beginning is the first step. You don’t need to know all the steps between where you are right now and where you want to be in order to get started moving in that direction. That’s not necessary, but if we believe that it is,

if we believe we must have a roadmap before we can ever step onto the road, we will never take the first step and we will just continue to stay exactly where we are. We really do have the power to change our lives and to create whatever it is that we want to experience. And when we start to believe that, when we start to see evidence of it in our external reality with other people,

when we allow ourselves to focus on the idea that it, if it’s possible for them, that means it is possible for you. Something starts to shift inside. We start to feel a little bit more excited. We start to feel a little bit more courageous. We start to believe that it’s true, and as we start to live more in the belief of the possibility and less in the reality of what is today,

then we start to make decisions today and take actions today that bring that future reality front and center. There’s a million ways to make progress in this lifetime, and most of us were taught that if we wanted to create something different from ourselves, that we had to work very, very hard, that it was going to take a lot of energy, a lot of effort,

a lot of perseverance, and some of that is true. We do have to persevere. We do have to keep coming back to putting our focus to what it is that we want to create and reminding ourselves why, but making it really, really hard. That’s optional. When we try to make changes in our lives from a place of judgment, from a place place of pressure,

from a place of desperation, we are much less effective in creating that change. Instead, when we can make those changes, we can take those actions from a place of possibility, of hope, of excitement, of encouragement, of anticipation, then those actions that we take actually create more results. They’re more effective. Our energy is better spent. The only difference in white knuckling and pushing our way forward com compared to moving forward with ease is simply the perspective that we have about the journey itself.

If you’re doubting that it’s possible, it will never be possible. If you’re believing underneath it that this isn’t for you, then it’s never gonna be for you. But if instead you allow yourself to see what is true, that you have unlimited potential, that everything is actually possible, that other people have done the things that you want to do, and so therefore that is evidence that you can do it too.

When you keep intentionally putting yourself into this kind of perspective, taking those steps becomes easier, and those steps actually move you closer to that goal more quickly. This does require a lot of internal work. I’m not gonna lie. Making big changes in your life is something that you are not gonna be able to create and sustain unless you clean up whatever judgment you hold against yourself,

building your own self-confidence, letting go of your demons, releasing any beliefs about you not being good enough or strong enough or smart enough or brave enough, whatever the stories are that you’ve been taught that keep you limited in the life that you’re living right now, that’s where you start. We have to rise above these old stories. We have to rise above what the world would tell you is possible for you.

We have to allow ourselves to dream, to sit in the vision and to seek out evidence that it’s all available to you because it’s been available to others. And when you start to spend your time there, when you start to put your focus there intentionally, it’s much easier to release all those limiting stories that have kept, kept you trapped right where you are.

The stories that will have you still being there three months or six months, or six years from now, my friends, you absolutely have the ability to change your life in any way that you wanna change it, whether it’s your personal life, your relationships, your careers, your locations, whatever aspect of your life that you want to be different than it is you and you alone have the power to change that.

It just requires first to do some internal work to become aligned with your own vision, because if we don’t take the time to really disassemble all of the belief systems and patterns that have kept us creating what we are currently experiencing, we are never going to have available to us the opportunity to create something new. Like I said at the beginning of this episode,

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So this is something that I do not want you to miss out on, especially if what you have in your life right now is not what you want to continue to have long term, my friends, you really can change your life. You’re the only one who can. And in Elevate, I’m gonna start to show you exactly how to do that and help you to change your perspective so that you step back into your power and you can start moving in the direction that you’re meant to go.

All right, my friends, that’s gonna wrap it up for this week. I’ll see you next time.