Episode 172 | Staying The Course

In this episode, Dr. Cari Wise reflects on the importance of staying the course and not giving up, even when faced with challenges. 

Dr. Wise encourages listeners to remember that their goals and desires are possible and not to let external circumstances discourage them. She emphasizes the need to hold onto one’s vision and keep going.

She acknowledges the challenges in the field of veterinary medicine and urges listeners to keep trying and to believe in the possibility of success. 

She encourages her listeners to check out the Vet Life Academy program, which helps veterinary professionals overcome challenges and grow personally and professionally. 

Dr. Wise reminds listeners that every challenge presents an opportunity, and if they keep going, they will inevitably find it.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. The importance of staying the course and not giving up
  2. Believing in the possibility of success
  3. Finding purpose and meaning in one’s journey
  4. The value of overcoming challenges
  5. Not giving up, even in the face of frustration or defeat

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Hi there. I’m Dr. Cari Wise, veterinarian, certified life coach, and certified quantum human design specialist. If you are a veterinary professional looking to uplevel your life and your career, or maybe looking to go in an entirely new direction, then what I talk about here on the Joyful DVM podcast is absolutely for you. Let’s get started. Ellen, my friends,

welcome back to Reflection Friday. Today is March 1st, 2024. Today, as I look back over the week that has just gone by, I am reminded of how important it is to just stay the course no matter what’s happening. I’ve seen this pattern show up time and time again this week in all kinds of different areas, and it’s quite interesting when we actually get to the other side of what appears to be a roadblock or a challenge,

how we can see the purpose in that challenge and also see how we were able to overcome it. But when we are there at the face of the challenge, when we are in the middle of something that we are trying to create or pursue or experience, it’s very easy for us to just wanna give up, for us to hit those roadblocks, to hit those challenges,

and to believe that the other side doesn’t even exist. That the efforts up until this point have been wasted. And this reminds me of a story that I heard at some point, and you guys have probably heard it too, but it’s all about a man who is digging for gold, and he’s been digging and digging and digging and digging for so long without any luck.

And he gets to the point that he’s tired, he’s overwhelmed, he’s believing now that the gold does not exist, and he finally just throws in the towel and walks away, and another man comes by and picks up that same shovel and starts to dig in that same hole, and three scoops later hits gold. The man who gave up had no idea how close he was to success.

All he could see was that he wasn’t there yet. And as he continued to see that he wasn’t there yet, he began to lose hope and lose belief. More importantly, that success even existed. So no matter where you are in your life, if this really resonates with you, I wanna remind you today to not give up to remember that the things that you have,

that you have on your heart, that you have in your mind, that are in your vision, that you want to create for yourself, that they are all possible. The vision would not have been given to you. The want and desire would not be inside of you if it was not possible. Don’t let what you see around you be your evidence of not being able to succeed.

Don’t let that be the case. Instead, hold onto that vision that you have and just keep going. Remembering that each step and each day and each effort is actually making progress in the world we live in right now, it’s really easy for us to get down in the dumps for us, to lose hope, for us to become bitter, to become jaded,

to start to believe all the noise and negativity around us. And in veterinary medicine, that’s no different. When you put the two together, it can have a compounding negative effect. What I wanna remind you today is that despite what it looks like is happening in the collective, you are still in your own individual journey. And that individual journey has intense purpose and meaning.

We need you here and what you are meant to do in the world, only you know. But if you don’t slow down enough to listen, and if you don’t stay the course to get there, then you’re never going to experience what it is that you’re meant to experience in this life. My friends, the only way we ever fail is if we stop trying.

And what has us stop trying is when we lose belief in the possibility of success. So I want you to consider in the next week, whenever you feel like giving up, what does success look like? More importantly, what does success feel like? Keep going to that place and remind yourself that you have what it takes to do what needs to be done to get there for yourself.

Whatever those obstacles are that seem like they’re overwhelming, every single one of those has a lesson for you. And as you work through those challenges and you learn those lessons, when you get to the other side, not only will you be so much more confident in your own abilities, you also will have a wonderful story to be able to share with somebody behind you,

somebody who’s still in that challenge themselves. All of this really is much of what goes into our Vet Life Academy program. And of course that’s on my mind this week because our spring 2024 enrollment is open right now. And as I look back at the years since creating joyful DVM and starting Vet Life Academy, and I look at the challenges and the hurdles that we’ve had to overcome since creating that program,

it’s been both a little bit, what was the word I wanna use here? It’s been kind of almost unbelievable in some ways when I look back at what it has taken to get us here to where we are. And I remember with this something that my dad shared with me as I finished at my very first year of veterinary school. Now, my dad was a veterinarian,

so some of you may not know that my dad was a veterinarian. And when I decided to go to veterinary school, you know, he was supportive of that. It wasn’t my first career choice, interestingly enough, but I digress. The what comes to mind is when I was in veterinary school and I had finished up my very first year, and I finished up my first year,

we finished all of our exams, and my roommate and I, we jumped in the car and we drove back to my hometown. And my dad was in the surgery room doing surgery. And we walked in and we said we we’re done. We made it. We’re VM twos. We made it through our first year. And he very slowly, like took a breath,

little smile kind of tucked up on one side of his face. He looked at us over his glasses like he always used to do, and he said two words. He said, it sucked, didn’t it? I was a bit flabbergasted. I’m like, what? He’s like, it sucked, didn’t it? I’m like, yeah, it did kind of suck.

Why didn’t you warn me? And his words have resonated with me every time I’m up against a challenge. He said, if I would’ve told you what it was gonna take, you never would’ve gone. And he was so right. And my friends, you are in that same place. If you knew what it was gonna require of you to pursue your dreams in advance,

then you probably wouldn’t have started on this journey. But this journey is intentional, and you have made it this far. So whatever it is that you wanna create in your life, no matter how big or how obscure it may seem, no matter whether or not there is somebody that has done it before, you don’t let any of those very logical things stop you from moving forward,

because the challenges that you go through are growing you. They’re helping you to become who you are meant to be in this world. And the rest of us need you to be exactly that and nothing less. So my friends, those of you in veterinary medicine, associate of veterinary medicine in any way, shape or form, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, practice managers,

assistants, kennel, help office staff, if you are associated with veterinary medicine in any way, shape, or form, I just want to encourage you to keep going in your journey, that there’s a reason that you’re in this profession. And if you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and defeated and hopeless, and if you’re entertaining those thoughts, that that med was the worst decision ever.

Because believe me, I know I was there myself for a while. If that’s you and you cannot understand it all, you can’t even grasp how any of this could be for your good, I really want you to consider joining us this session inside of Vet Life Academy. We’re gonna be open through Sunday night, joyful dvm.com/vet Life Academy. If you happen to catch this after the fact,

go ahead and go to that link because you can sign up for the wait list and I’ll notify you as soon as we’re open again, because inside of Vet Life Academy, there’s some magical things that happen. And more importantly, it’s a safe place for you to continue on your journey without having to put up some kind of facade that you’re stronger or braver or happier than you really are.

And through that authenticity and doing this work that we do in there together, it’s amazing how much you’ll grow and how much those things that you want in your life actually start to become possible, my friend. Do not be the person who gives up on your dreams. We are here to support you every step of the way. And I wanna leave you this week with just the idea that every single challenge has an opportunity attached.

And if you keep going, you are inevitably going to find it. All right, my friends, that’s gonna wrap it up for this week. See you next time. Bye.