Episode 79 | Empowered Perspective: Brighter Days are Coming

Empowered Perspective: The certainty you hold onto in times of darkness make all the difference as you wait for the light to reappear.



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Alternative Career Guide 2022 Edition


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And empowered perspective episode on brighter days, both literally and figuratively. That's what we're talking about in episode 79. I'm Dr. Cari Wise, and this is the Joyful DVM podcast. Hello, my friends. Welcome to episode 79. This episode is the first of a brand new series of podcast episodes that I'll be releasing hopefully one each week in these empowered perspective episodes.

My goal is to encourage you empower you, inspire you and to support you along your journey, to becoming who you were always meant to be. Let's get started today. We're going to spend a little bit of time talking about how to hang on to your beliefs and to keep looking forward toward better times when you're in the middle of challenges and struggle. I was recently considering this and thinking about this when I was looking outside and I was watching the leaves starting to turn,

and some of the flowers starting to come up the birds, starting to come back and just seeing how all of the life around me outside of my home was really coming back into existence. Now, nothing was really dead right during the winter, but it changed from what it was in the middle of summer. And you've heard me perhaps talk about before my challenges in the past with winter and with darkness and with the cold and with the drawing in that tends to come during those periods of time.

And so as I've approached this spring with a completely different set of eyes, almost with a completely different type of perspective, I've stayed really curious as to what's going on around me. And as I've been curious, one thing has really struck me deeply. And that is the certainty that I have that spring will come that spring will arrive and that spring will then turn into summer in the dead of winter,

even when it's cold and even when it's dark. And when there are no flowers outside to be seen, when all the leaves have fallen off the trees and the population of birds from around the house have changed drastically. When the pond is frozen over, when you have to bundle up just to go outside, when everything gets covered in snow, the landscape looks drastically different than what it looks like in the summer,

around here in the summer, everything is green. I'm fortunate enough to live in a place where I have trees all around my house so I can look out of any window and I can see trees. I can see our pond. I can see our ducks swimming in the pond almost at any given time. I have lots of flowers because I to garden.

So lots of flowers start to come up and the birds I feed the birds, I'm turned into one of those crazy bird people. I have lots of bird feeders. And so the bird population also changes as the weather starts to warm. And in the middle of summer, I walk outside and I often feel like I'm on vacation. Now. I say that because I spent years living in the city.

I grew up in the country. So here I am in the country once again. And I am forever grateful for my opportunity to be back here. But what I'm talking about today has almost nothing to do with the actual weather. It has almost nothing to do with how the landscape changes. It has everything to do with my belief that it will. And so it reminded me that no matter how hard it gets,

how cold it is, how much I may not be happy in those darkest of dark days of winter. I always hold on to the belief that it is temporary, that with time, what I'm experiencing will pass and that literally brighter days are ahead and with that comes so much of what I love about my life and about where I live as I've considered that this spring,

as everything's starting to come back to life, I realize the parallels in my own struggles, in my own journeys. So not only can I now see that in the winter, I hold fast to the belief that the spring is coming, that brighter days are coming. But so have I also held onto that same belief through every challenge and struggle that I've encountered in my life.

So often it is easy for us to become consumed with the challenges we are currently facing. We become overwhelmed with the emotion that we are experiencing. We become really discouraged because we can't find a way out. And what I want to remind you is what I was greatly reminded of just recently, which is that no matter how much you've struggled in the past,

no matter what challenges you've come up against, one thing is for certain, you survived it, you're still here. And so in those days, when we struggle, brighter days are coming in the moment. It's very hard for us sometimes to hang on to that, especially when we're suffering for friends, you only have evidence of your ability to survive every single time you've been up against something hard,

you've made it through. So just like the spring that always comes following the winter, your victory and your better days are coming as well. And I'm convinced that in those moments, when we struggle, if we can just stay focused on what's ahead, the better things that are in front of us, the brighter days, that we've always returned to that in those moments,

we'll find a little bit of release from the pressures that we feel. So encounter. All of your day-to-day struggles, even your bigger ongoing struggles as if you are simply in a season of winter and find that certainty that spring is coming because it always does. And you may say to me, but Carrie, I don't have any evidence that a brighter day is coming.

I don't have any evidence that something better is around the corner. And to that, my friends, I would offer you this. We also don't have any evidence that spring will arrive. Sure it has over and over and over again in all the years of our lives, but there's never any guarantee that it's going to arrive again this year. We just believe that it will.

And that helps us as we go through some of those dark and cold days. And we look forward to what is coming. It always arrives in its own timing. It's never on exactly the same day, every single year. And we can see how that has shifted over time. It doesn't matter when it comes. We are grateful when it does, and we believe that it will.

And those exact same things we can apply to any area of our life, where we may be struggling. Don't give into the winter, don't give into the darkness to the cold, to the drawing, into yourself, just to survive. Keep looking forward, keep reaching outward toward those brighter moments towards those warmer days, towards those better experiences, they're all coming.

And many of them, many of the facets of the parts that we enjoy so much are actually already here. We're just not focusing on them because we're distracted by the challenge that we're currently in. Don't forget. You only have evidence of having survived. Every challenge that you've been up against, and just like in the spring with all new beginnings. So you have the exact same opportunity.

If what you're doing right now, doesn't work for you anymore. If it's not leading you toward the type of life that you want for your future, by all means, take this season of challenge and struggle and use it as an opportunity to investigate your opportunities. Everything is still possible. The spring doesn't even have benefit for any of us, if we never go outside.

So take this time to prepare, to learn, to make a new plan for what you're going to do in the next season of your life. Those decisions are yours and yours alone to make any decision that you've made before this moment in time has not locked you in to a finite experience in the future. You can always make a new choice. Living lives is an action.

It is something that we engage in every single day. When we slide into autopilot, our choices slide away right with it. So friends embrace this time, take the opportunity to just reconsider everything. And as we move forward into a new season. So should you consider moving into a new season for you? One that is aligned with the kind of life you want.

Now I'm not saying that means you have to change your job or change your relationship or change your home. But by all means, if that's on your heart to do then allow yourself to explore it. For many of us, this is just going to be a rebirth and a re igniting of what's already inside of us, our real acquaintance with who we are and what we want this life is so fast and so busy that we end up just going through the motions surviving day after day after day.

And that's no way to live. It's not active. It's not intentional. It doesn't serve the purpose for which you are here. Every one of us here has a purpose. So as we move into this literal new season of the year, give yourself the opportunity to consider the next season of your own life. Where do you have the opportunities to grow and to bloom and to become more of who you are.

All right, my friends, that's going to wrap it up and see you next time.