Episode 81 | Empowered Perspective: When You Believe You Can

Empowered Perspective: What you can achieve is only limited by what you believe about yourself. Your credentials and prior experiences make up only a tiny fraction of the success equation. 



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And Empowered Perspective episode on how, what you believe absolutely influences the outcomes in your life. That's what we're talking about in episode 81. I'm Dr. Cari Wise, and this is the joyful DDM podcast. Hi, everybody. Welcome to episode 81. Today's episode of the Joyful DVM podcast is another empowering perspectives episode. And today I'm going to tell you a little story about me and trying to fix a shower over the weekend.

So my sister has the shower in her house that she's had chronic problems with a combination of no water pressure and very little if any hot water. And it's been a problem that's been ongoing. It's been chronic. There's been multiple people that have come out to try to fix it. It got to the point that over the last several years, she just quit using this shower altogether.

It just wasn't worth the hassle. She never had hot water. She didn't even have enough water pressure. And she just gave up and use a different bathroom in her house. But now it's come to the point that it's time to get this thing fixed and having brought out another professional ended up with another conclusion that was going to require her to rip out all the tile in the bathroom to get back to the lines,

to see if there was something physically blocking the water line. She took a pause by all means. She was willing to hire whoever she needed to tear this stuff down. But then she also knew that together, there are a lot of things that we've been able to do that aren't necessarily in our list of skills, at least not initially. So if you take a look at this situation,

the problem here was this shower that didn't have hot water or water pressure. The desired outcome that was wanted was to have this shower fixed for, to function the way that it was always meant to function, to have a combination of hot and cold water that could be adjusted by the person taking a shower and to have ample water pressure for the shower to actually work all.

That's very, very clear, but where the breakdown was was in the performance, the shower neither had enough water pressure, or even hot water to be able to perform the activities that it was created to perform. So we decided to try to figure this out for ourselves. Now, I know that sounds a little crazy, but my sister and I are really unique in this way.

And I suspect that you are too. You just might not know it. Thankfully somewhere along the way, I would say likely something we can contribute to my father, to our father. We never have believed that we are limited by our academic achievements. What I mean by that is even though we both have credentials, I'm a veterinarian, she's a lawyer.

We've never felt confined to the skills and information related to those degrees. Instead, we've just seen our academic achievements as evidence that we can do hard things that we can go after and figure out things outside of the scope of what might be predictable for other people in our situation. And so with that belief system intact, we strongly believed that we could figure out what was wrong with this shower.

Now some of you may be cringing thinking, oh my gosh, you're going to dig into this house. You're going to mess everything up. And I want to tell you always a possibility. Absolutely. We knew that we could dig into the shower and we could screw it all up. We could make it worse, but if we already had a shower that didn't work,

we figured we didn't have anything else to lose. Even if we did end up having to take greater links and expense to fix it. Ultimately, if we had to bring somebody else in, we were out what some time and some cash, it was worth the risk to us to see if we could figure this out on our own. And so methodically,

we disassembled the shower assembly in her bathroom. We looked at all the pieces. We pulled up YouTube videos to figure out how it was all supposed to work. And through that process of learning and applying and troubleshooting, we found one fascinating thing that the professionals, as they did their part is they had gone through, they had made strides in getting to the solution,

but all the pieces just weren't put together in the right order. And so it didn't actually take a lot for us to fix it. There was simply one shutoff valve that just never got turned back on. Once we turn that back on and then reassembled the entire shower, it worked, it was fascinating. Now me explaining it to you took much less time than it did us to actually do this.

Because like I said, every step of the way we had to learn, we had to figure out what are we looking at? What is this piece supposed to do? And it was only by disassembling all of it were we able to get back deep enough into the inner workings of the shower to find the part that needed a slight adjustment. And it wasn't obvious from the,

from the beginning. It wasn't obvious. Even when we got in there that it was out of place, it wasn't until we wiggled it and played with it a little bit, that we got a different outcome than what we had gotten initially when we came face-to-face with that part. And what I love about this experience is not only how we went into it with a strong belief that we were capable of figuring it out,

but also that we weren't afraid of failing. And this is possibly the most important part of this entire story that we are all on equal playing ground when it comes to what we can achieve and what we can achieve is only limited by what we believe is possible for ourselves. It doesn't what kind of education you have. It doesn't matter what kind of prior experience you have.

If there's something that you want for yourself, you have the ability to create it, but you can only get there if you believe that you can. It is our thoughts, our beliefs, our opinions, or conclusions, those sentences in our minds that create the emotion within us, that then drives our actions. If we are constantly living in a state of disbelief of worry of fear of insecurity,

then we will never take the actions that we need to take in our lives to create the results that we want. It all starts back at belief. And so, although it seems probably for most people hearing this story a little bit crazy that a doctor and a lawyer would spend a Friday night fixing a shower. It sounds like a bad joke, right?

The truth is that's exactly what we did. And we enjoyed it all along the way. We weren't afraid to screw it up. We weren't afraid to fail. We believed that we could do it. And we did. And we will forever use this story as a reminder to ourselves that when we're faced with things that the world would tell us, we have no business pursuing.

We only have evidence of being able to pursue those exact things, which others would discourage us from achieving. So friends take this story, think about how you can apply it to your own life. In what way are you blocking your potential simply because you're believing what somebody else is telling you you're capable of. In what ways are you not allowing yourself to see how amazing that you are and how you have a history of being able to learn really hard things and do really hard things.

How can that serve you in another area? We are just getting started here on these journeys in life. And it is a constant journey. There is no end, end point until we are no longer here. So don't let your beliefs about yourself or the beliefs that others have about you be the thing that stops you from moving forward. If there is a goal that you want to achieve,

if there is something that you want to pursue, then do it. The only thing that you need to do to get started is to foster a belief that you can, once you believe in yourself, everything else becomes possible. And it all gets a whole lot easier. All right, my friends, as we wrap up this episode, I want to leave you with a final question.

What would you pursue if you believed that you could achieve it, it's going to wrap it up for today. See you soon.