Episode 95 | The Big Shift- Are You Blocking Your Potential?

How are you talking about the dreams you have for yourself and your future?

Do they live in phrases such as 
“Some day I will….”
“I wish I could…”
“When I …, then I will…”

Are you waiting on permission to move forward?

Are you judging yourself when you recognize discontent?

Many of us believe if we elect to pursue something different in our lives today, that it somehow discounts the value of what we pursued and created before this point… that in some way it makes that prior pursuit a waste of time, waste of money, or a mistake.

I assure you, it is none of those things!

You are a living being… ever growing and evolving.

Your physiology is proof of how important it is to keep changing, growing, renewing!

In this episode I explore the importance of giving yourself permission to pursue big shifts in your life and invite you to join us in workshop where we will strategically analyze our current life and career experience against the dreams we have so we can identify the gap and exactly what we need to do tactically and energetically to move forward.

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How the approach we take when we consider the dreams and hopes we have for the future actually keeps us from ever experiencing them. That's what we're talking about in episode 95. I'm Dr. Cari Wise, and this is the Joyful DVM Podcast. Hello my friends. Welcome to the Joyful DVM podcast. This is episode 95. We're beginning a bit of a countdown here on the podcast,

countdown to episode 100, and when we hit episode 100, everything changes, but more on that as we get closer. Today, I wanna talk about the idea of big shifts in our life. That's S H I F T S in our lives. Many of us experience change over time. We all do, quite honestly, there's not even a many of us,

All of us experience change over time. That is the reason that we're here. We are here to grow and to evolve and to expand. And throughout our lifetimes, as we've gone through different seasons, as we've gone through different changes, we can really start to buy into the idea that we are chasing a change or a season that will finally get us what we want.

That once we get there, then we can be happy, then we will feel peaceful, then we will feel joyful or accepted or fulfilled. And it's a really important thing for us to consider that we're actually never supposed to stop moving. Let me say that again. We're never supposed to stop moving. Think about the way that your body is created. Think about what you know about physiology and what you know about the life cycles of cells.

Nothing stands still, nothing is as it is for the entire duration of your life within the physical makeup of your life. And so why is it then that we try to create circumstances that never change? It's a really interesting thing to consider. We try to create circumstances that never change because there is predictability in it. There's familiarity in what we see day in and day out.

And as soon as we start to shift away from that, all the bells and whistles in our minds go off the alerts, the alarms that have us believing that there's something scary on the other side of it. But do we actually have evidence of that? The truth is, as I see it, I would say no, we don't. What we have evidence of first in our physiology is being a creation that has the ability to grow and evolve and to change that has cycles that it goes through quite literally.

And that is supposed to keep moving, keep changing, keep growing. If we stop doing that within the physiology of our bodies, then we actually die. So if we consider that, then in, in the spectrum of our entire lives, we have to ask ourselves, why is it that we are craving a situation where nothing ever changes? And we do this from two different perspectives.

So there's the, the fear driven side of this. So that's where, where the, the urgency, the tendency to try to keep things as they are, to resist change that comes from the really protective instinct, just not knowing what's around the corner. We've been conditioned to be afraid of what's around the corner. If we know what's coming, then it feels like we can handle it.

We believe that we'll be okay. Okay, But aside from that, we have to consider also then, if we have this tendency of resisting change, of being afraid, of change, of wanting things to stay just exactly as they are, we have to notice then how that actually blocks everything that can be. Now, I know that may seem very simple,

but I, we don't actually look at it specifically through the lens of what we have as far as goals and dreams and just ideas for the future. Many of us live day in and day out in the present moment, believing that the present moment is what it is, which there is some the value in in letting it be neutral. But that's not the,

is what it is that I'm talking about here. I'm talking about accepting a less than existence as the best that it gets, and being so resistant to change and so resistant to anything new that we just keep reinforcing what we currently have. We look at the things that we want. We are able, many of us to tap into some ideas, some dreams that we have,

but we keep those framed through sentences like someday or wouldn't it be nice if, or I sure wish that. And whenever we phrase our dreams, our goals, the things that we really want, our hearts desire, through those kinds of sentences, it brings with it a connotation that you will never have it. It brings with it a belief system that it doesn't actually ever get better than it is.

And so when these two things work together, this this conditional belief system, which is really conditioned in a lack of belief, this wishing this, hoping this dreaming, which keeps it so far in front of you, you can't actually get your hands around it. You don't believe that it can actually be yours. And we couple that then with our tendency to resist change,

to resist something new simply because we've been wired, program condition, whatever, to to be afraid of what we don't know. Those two things together keep you completely stuck. So if we think about trying to move into a new season, making a big shift in our lives, that big shift has to first start with what we believe, what we believe is possible,

what we believe about ourselves, what we believe about the world, what we believe about our place in the world, what we believe about the future. And until we understand what has created our current reality, it is quite challenging to create something different, especially when we believe our current reality is simply the result of choices that we didn't make for ourselves of circumstances that we wouldn't have picked had we had a decision,

the thing we forget. And all of that type of belief is that you're here for a reason. That your journey is intentional, and that all of the things that have happened in your life have happened to bring you to the moment that you're ready to expand. Because what the box that you're keeping yourself in is so uncomfortable. It's intolerable at this point.

We all have to come to what I call the breaking point. When we are, we are ready to do what it takes to move forward. You're not supposed to live in a box, You're not supposed to never change. You're not supposed to never grow. Your physiology shows you that. And if we look around the whole entire world, we look around in nature.

Is there anything there that's standing still? No. It's always changing and evolving. If we look at this from a physics perspective, everything is energy that we have been taught, that it has been safer to stay where we are, to not rock the boat, to not dream too big, to not try anything unpredictable or risky. All just adjectives that are completely optional.

We keep trying to figure out how to be happy and fulfilled and it's expanded in our current form of existence. And it just isn't gonna work. It just isn't gonna work. It's a definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We want a different result. If you allow yourself to take a moment to sit,

you know when you feel into your own being, when you allow yourself to dance in your imagination, to play with your hopes and your dreams, you know that you actually want something bigger than what you have right now in your life, but you've also been conditioned to believe that you can't have it without there being great risk, without it being irresponsible, without it coming at a price of sacrificing other people,

without it making everything that you did before this moment irrelevant or foolish or wrong choices. And none of those things, my friend is true. None of those things. We're all on this journey together. We're all here in a state of learning and growing and expanding, and how we actually serve the world to the highest capacity, to our highest potential is by allowing ourselves to be who we are,

to pursue what's on our hearts, to live into our dreams. And I do mean allowing ourselves right now. So many of us don't move forward in our lives because we're caught with lack of permission. And that permission can only come from you. That's the first thing we have to know. The permission can only come from you. And as you start to realize that permission to live your life on your terms comes from you,

you also recognize and can realize and can hopefully believe that you don't need permission from anybody else. You know what's best for you. You know what you want, you know what you dream about. You know where you have areas of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment in your life right now. All of those things are indicators for you. All of it is showing you poking at you a little bit,

saying, what's next? What's the next shift? It's very easy in our world and our culture to get focused on one goal and to spend the, the vast majority of time in our younger years pursuing that goal. And anybody with a professional degree can attest to this. It starts out very early. Somewhere along the way, you label yourself with what you're going to be someday a veterinarian,

a veterinary technician, a doctor, a nurse, an accountant, an a lawyer, whatever it is, you pursue a label, you pursue an identity that you create through achievement. And all along the way, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that journey that we go on. I think we learn a lot about ourselves, about our resilience. We learn a lot about the world through those things.

But as we keep moving forward in pursuit of those labels, then what happens is that we become very out of touch with the center core of ourselves. We typically become so focused on what it takes action-wise to attain that achievement that we stop asking ourselves how it feels all along the way. Now, for a lot of us, when we're pursuing some kind of professional degree,

professional achievement, that that achievements does start with a, with a desire to want to do that. And that desire might have been one that it was all on your own. You just always knew that you wanted to do that. It might be one that somebody offered to you, you really good with animals, maybe you should pursue veterinary benefits. But by,

by whatever means it came to be that you pursued this thing, you pursued and spent so much of your time and your focus and put all of the, the importance in your life on that. And what I mean by that is on things like getting good grades, doing your work, whatever other things you needed to do to boost your resume, to be able to get into your programs.

So, you know, volunteer work, all the things, none of those things were wasted time. None of those things were wrong to do. Please don't misunderstand. But when we focused on just those things, checking the boxes, if you will, whatever the, the list included for you, as we focused on checking the boxes and continued to

build a, a foundation of self-belief through checking those boxes, then what happens is that we become so focused on the boxes that we become disconnected with ourselves. And it's not until we've been out in these careers for a while, we've reached that goal. Whatever that goal was for you, and it doesn't necessarily have to be career oriented, but whatever that thing was that you put all your effort in attaining,

once you get there and then you live in the existence of that, we become a little bit dissatisfied over time. This dissatisfaction definitely is amplified if we're never allowing ourselves the opportunity to grow and to change. Now, for those of you who are in a professional degree that requires a continuing education, you might find that you feel a little bit more lit up.

You've got that spark, you've got that kind of fire burning again when you come back from a meeting or when you come back from sessions around that. And notice when that happens that it's because you've put yourself in a situation to grow. You've put yourself in a position to expand what you are aware of, to apply new things to your reality. You don't have to have a professional degree to do this.

You don't have to attend a continuing education to do this. It's simply an example of when we have this discontent, it's because we are simply out of alignment with our own journey, with our own path. That those hopes and those dreams and all those things that you have, they're not foolish. They may not fit into some stuffy box that somebody, you know,

50 years older than you thinks that you should live into. They may not agree with the ideals of important things in lives and what it, what it means to be responsible as far as what your parents and your colleagues, your parents and your teachers, and maybe your clergy, what they have to say, Your grandparents, your life is not theirs. And it's not to say that their life is wrong and yours is right,

or that yours is wrong and theirs is right. There is no right and wrong here, but there are different periods of time in which we own. We all live, and our journey is dependent on the time that we live in. Your reality is here and now. Your reality isn't 50 years ago as an adult, you weren't, you know, most of us weren't adults 50 years ago.

Definitely not to the extent that we are now. That's a hundred percent true. We aren't adults at the level that we are now. We weren't adults at the level we are now 50 years ago. We can't have, we can't be because the world is different. Everything has changed and everything will continue to change. And it is our effort to try to stay where we've been,

to go back, even that keeps us from moving forward and it keeps then our hopes, our dreams, all those desires in your heart. It keeps all of that as something that you see through the lens of never being able to attain it, to never being able to experience it. So we have to take a moment to step back and to ask ourselves,

what do I need to do to create a shift in my life? What I've noticed in my own life is that I kind of feel these things coming over time. It kind of builds, it kind of starts as like a very slow idea and a kind of a low roll, low boil, warm boil. And it just kind of builds and it builds and it builds.

And it gets to the point that I just have to make a change. I just have to do something different. And that's very different than running away from circumstances to feel better. There is definitely a difference there. It's not a complete lack of satisfaction trying to run away from the discomfort. That's not what I'm talking about though many of us do that we make changes to run away from discomfort without ever actually taking any time to address the discomfort to understand it in the first place.

But I'm talking about just recognizing that your, your ability to thrive where you are and in, in what you're doing and the labels you've applied to yourself and the way that you're existing is stifled. And allowing yourself then to start to consider what would light me up? What would make me happy? What's next? What's next? Even that one question, what's next?

How many of you don't even allow yourselves to consider the question what's next? Because you believe you've attained the thing that you worked your worked so hard to, to attain. And now you must keep it that because you pursued a professional degree and you have that label that you must always wear it. And that if you don't, that somehow diminishes the time,

the money, the energy that you put into it in the first place. None of those are true. The rules have picked up along the way from somebody who probably made some comment to us that was anchored in a money story about it being irresponsible. If you didn't wanna continue to use the degree that you spend so much money to attain, that's usually where those kinds of beliefs are anchored.

And so if you start to let go of that and just let yourself to consider, there is no anchor, there is no rule. This is, there is no truth in that. If you allow yourself to consider that everything upon your journey so far has been absolutely intentional and and necessary in order for you to continue that growing and evolving process within yourself to move forward to what's next,

then you can start to consider what's next. You can dream about what's next, that what next can take you in any direction. It can take you somewhere deeper or different within the career that you already have. It can take you completely away from that career field if that's where you feel drawn to. It can have nothing at all to do with your career.

Your career could stay exactly the same the way that it is. It can allow you the, the space to pursue a different kind of interest or to develop yourself in a different kind of way. There are no limits to this, but the limits that we put on ourselves are created when we believe what the world has taught us about what is possible and about what you need to survive and what you need to avoid to survive.

It starts with understanding that when you, there's a fire in you and there's something that you're interested in, something that is drawing you, that you should follow it. It starts with us starting to understand that what's around the corner, although we don't know what it is, is not guaranteed to kill us. That uncertainty is a built in law, if you will,

in our existence. It just is. There are very, very few things that are absolute, but uncertainty, I would argue is one of them because it cha, things change all the time. We have free will. Everything that's living in this world that we live in is in a growth process. It's changing. So uncertainty is built into the very fabric of our existence and it's not something that we should be afraid of.

And we have to bring ourselves back to the reality of uncertainty and the experiences that you've had with uncertainty in the, and the that reality, my friend, is simply this. Every single uncertain thing that you've ever been up against, you've survived. You're still here. You only have a history of surviving the uncertainty. So how about considering giving yourself permission to stop resisting it so much to stop trying to control it so much?

How about giving yourself permission to pursue that which interests you? How about giving yourself permission to let go of everybody else's rules and opinions about how you should live and just decide for yourself? So as we get closer here toward the end of the year, it's a time when we all start to think about what's coming next as if there's some magic thing that happens on the first of every single year,

the January 1st of every single year. And what I want you to understand is that something magical that changes is available to you any day of the week, any day of the month, any day of the year. That shift is simply when you elect to step forward into it. And when you make an intentional decision to grow, to evolve, to pursue,

then the world starts to align around that. We put out an energetic frequency that attracts to us the reality that we have. We talk, have talked a lot about that in the past through the lens of emotions. And emotions absolutely are that emotions give you so much information about your wellbeing, but they're also giving you information about what's coming in the future because it's impossible for us to create something different if we don't change the net emotional state from which we function.

If we don't change that vibratory experience, remember my emotions or vibrations on your body, if we don't change that, then the things that you dream about, the wishes, the hopes, they will always stay as something you will never attain. That growth process includes allowing yourself to grow into an understanding of your emotional experiences, to stop judging them so harshly,

to understand that it's all intentional and part of what you need to learn to move forward. Clarity is a great gift, and we create clarity for ourselves when we take action. One of the greatest actions we can take to create clarity is a simple analytical understanding of our current existence. Understanding, looking at what do we have in our life right now, Putting it down on paper in every category of our lives,

Not judging it, I said, Analytical data has no emotion. Let's just look at what is today. From there, we can look at what we want tomorrow and we can be start to then visualize and understand the gap that exists between the two. From there, we will have more clarity around how we move forward, what is needed. This is such a bigger conversation than a single live episode here.

So I definitely wanna invite you to join us in the strategic life and job analysis workshop. It's a live workshop that we're gonna be doing on the 13th of November, 2022. It's 12 a four hour workshop. And during that workshop, we're gonna be going through this exact kind of process. Now, if you happen to catch this after that workshop has completed, there's likely going to be an opportunity for you to purchase the replays of that as well.

So I wanna make sure that if you are interested in walking through this process that you know about that workshop that's coming up on the 13th of November, and that you get yourself registered for that, jump over to joyful dvm.com/life job workshop and you can save your seat right over there. And I, if at all possible, I strongly recommend that you attend life because creating that space,

carving out that space, it's a four hour workshop, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM central time. When you carve out that space for yourself to attend, there's something really magical that happens in those moments when you say, Nope, this is my time that I'm gonna look at me, I'm gonna look at my life, I'm gonna look at what I want. The replays are amazing.

And if that's the only way you can attend, because I know that we tend to have yours from all over the world and listeners from all over the world, I wanna make sure that you know that you can attend live. There's an option to get those replays, you, those replays are included for a couple of weeks when you register in lifetime, depending on if you've upgraded to that.

So there's absolutely an option for you to watch this on replay. But what I also know is that the things that we say we're gonna get around to doing someday often stay as things that we're gonna get around to doing someday. So I really want you to consider coming to this workshop live, if at all possible, carving out four hours for yourself just to look at this.

You're gonna walk away from an awareness and an understanding of your current reality beyond anything that you could even imagine. And in that experience, in that understanding of your reality, you will see then the path forward to what you need next. That big shift is just simply one intentional decision away. But if you never consider where you are and where you wanna go and your dreams and your hopes,

just kind of say as things that maybe someday I'll get that or so wouldn't that be nice? Or, I sure wish that if all of your dreams are are really boxed up in a narrative of that, then just know my friend that you will always keep them in your future. In order for you to bring them into your reality, you have to embrace the growth cycle.

You have to stop resisting the change. You have to stop being so afraid. We're gonna talk about that in the workshop. So I invite you to join us in the Strategic Life and job analysis workshop over at joyfuldvm.com/lifejobworkshop Sunday, November 13th from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Central time. We would love for you to join us live, and if you can't make it live,

you can always catch the replays. All right, my friends, as we finish up this episode, I wanna leave you with one thing I want you to consider. What is it that you want? What is it that you want? It's not a simple question to answer. It's usually got a lot of narrative and story and and limitations built right into it.

But when you start with that question, you can begin to discover everything. That's all the reasons I should say. All the reasons that your mind offers as to why you can't have it. And as we start to knock those out one by one, what you want becomes your reality. All right, my friends, we're gonna wrap it there. See you next time.

Bye for now.