Episode 174 | The Formula for Effective Reflection

In this episode, Dr. Cari Wise provides a formula for effective reflection.  The formula involves asking three questions, and then considering those questions through the lens of actions, priorities, and emotions in order to full understand one’s experience.  Dr. Wise applies emphasizes the importance of intentional reflection as a tool in creating positive change and […]

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Episode 168 | Prioritizing YOU!

In this episode, Dr. Cari Wise discusses the importance of prioritizing oneself, particularly in the demanding profession of veterinary medicine.  Dr. Wise emphasizes the significance of self-care for maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing, and challenges the notion that prioritizing oneself is selfish or irresponsible.  She encourages listeners to focus on their own desires and interests,

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Episode 166 | Life Purpose

In this episode Dr. Cari Wise discusses the concept of life purpose and its relationship to veterinary medicine. Dr. Wise emphasizes the importance of separating one’s career in veterinary medicine from their true identity as a human being and offers resources to support personal and professional growth. She encourages veterinary professionals to disentangle their career

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